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27 March 2013

The not so orthopedic shoes

Last week passing by Miu Miu store I saw a pair of sandals that reminded me of what were once described as the world's ugliest shoes - the BIRKENSTOCK. I don't know what do you think about this shoes, but in my opinion they are ugly, ok they can be the most comfortable shoes in the world, but for sure you can find a pair of shoes that can be a good compromise between style and comfort, no ? They look like orthopedic shoes and they also remind me the shoes that my aunt that lived in Germany had in the entrance of her house. Nothing against my aunt, only against the shoes! After Celine Spring-Summer 2013 a lof of fashionistas are getting crazy with the birks, not me...
Birkenstock VS Miu Miu 
The not so orthopedic shoes, a good option to the birks right ?
Left column: Giambattista Valli; last two Marc by Marc Jacobs. Right column: Sergio Rossi; Pollini; Robert Clergerie.
A lot of celebrities have joined this trend. Here the Olsen Twins and Drew Barrymore.


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  2. I am sorry, no offence but I personally didn't find anything ugly about the BIRKENSTOCK shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn without any doubt.

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