Jewellery designer by education, innate creative and fashionista for sake. Born in Portugal, jumped from Barcelona to Milan, and for now living and working in Copenhagen. Inspired by art, photography, beauty and gastronomy.

23 January 2010

Colorful, strident and sparkling!

I didn't told you yet, but you might had the feeling that I'm not into sports. Has a child I always hated to exercise which is kind of a mystery because everybody on my family practices sports; my father himself was an athlete and my brother is now following him. So buying any kind of equipment related to sports is a nightmare, buying sneakers is a NIGHTMARE! I just buy them to use when travelling to cosmopolitan places, like Berlin, Paris, London, Florence. The problem is always the same, the ones I like are too colorful an then I cannot match with my wardrobe. This time I didn't escape the rule, colourful, strident and sparkling! Reebook Freestyle New Delhi, are the ones I choose.

My fathers prizes.

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