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21 January 2010

Today I'm feeling.....

Today I'm feeling has if I was facing a window of a Portuguese pastry, without kwowing very well what cake to choose. Suddenly I have so many options to do my internship and I don't know what to pick. Like the portuguese proverb says "Não há fome que não dê em fartura." ( There's no hunger that does not give in abundance.)
And then I'm becoming anxious, confused, stressed and starving with these cakes in front of me. Bad news for me! I'm in Milan an there's no pastry like the Portuguese ones. (Picture from the book Fabrico Próprio a compilation of portuguese patries made by 3 designers, the book worth his acquisition; or take look at and "O que é Nacional é Bom!")
When I was doing the post I remenbered this photo from Tim Walker, a magic tree with cakes. Tim Walker will be on the opening of his exhibition, here in Milan this Saturday on Corso Como 10, I won't miss it.
There's nothing like good night's sleep to relax and think about the decisions to take; the Tim Walker's fantasy will distract me, my mum's jams will comfort me from the missed Portuguese pastries (and my cashemere socks will warm me, because it's freezing cold here).


  1. essa imagem dos pastelinhos, como dizer, é TORTURA!! :)

    boas escolhas ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. escolher é optar por algo e renegar o restante...em contexto, as nossas opções são sempre as melhores... a tua escolha será certamente a acertada


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