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16 December 2009

Do I see a trend ?

I found this picture in the blog of Yvan Rodic (more known has Face Hunter). Are unshaved armpits coming back?

Back in 1999...when Milla Jovovich was featured in the cover of Dazed & Confused with unshaved armpits. On that year Julia Roberts also appear in the Oscars ceremony unshaved.


  1. protecção contra a penugem sovacal....

  2. Quase de certeza... :-) Porque eu tenho um colar quase igual ao que ela está a usar que comprei na Expo/92 (Sevilha). Bem...mas eu não me lembro de na altura ser moda não depilar os sovacos. Mas provavelmente andava desatenta. :-)

    Tia Cristina


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