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10 November 2009

The year of Dolce & Gabbana

This year I was signed by the teacher of media strategy to do a Communication plan on Dolce & Gabbana. I was not very familiar with the brand and in reality it was not one of my favourites. But I took it has a challange. ( Sometimes is better not know a lot because it makes you work harder and deeply). I was surprised and discover a lot of interesting things about the brand.
This is one the brand's first commercials with Monica Belluci. It shows the designers true roots in Sicilia and their connection with the Mediterranean culture. It's all about charisma, sensuality, luxury and authentic style.The objectives of my communication plan: Focus and be faithful to the brand values – Sicilian roots, sensuality, provocation; Coherence image throughout iconic products, returning to the brand values. In reality on their fashion show of next summer that have already follow this because they were getting far way of their roots and values ( i already talked about it). For the fashion show exam I had to do a presentation of a fragrance. I decided to create a fragrance with the name hibiscus, same name of the flower that grows in Sicilia.

On the exam of Press Office I had to do a Press Kit and invitation. Here is the video and picture of the invitation.
In the end I had a good time making research of the brand and good results as it is noticible. ( I wish I could work for them)


  1. Vou torçer para que o teu desejo se torne realidade. :-)

    Tia Cristina


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