Jewellery designer by education, innate creative and fashionista for sake. Born in Portugal, jumped from Barcelona to Milan, and for now living and working in Copenhagen. Inspired by art, photography, beauty and gastronomy.

15 June 2009

As lições do André

Lesson One : “Remember where you came from and how important that is, and that will sustain you.”
Lesson Two: “Always be curious and do your research.”
Lesson Three: "Travel and find beauty and style where you go."
Lesson Four: “Be polite.”
Lesson Five: “Fetch coffee if you have to.”
Lesson Six: “Find a mentor.”

Estas são as "lições do André" - a kind of mandamentos professos pelo Editor at Large da Vogue America - Andre Leon Talley, para quem inicia agora uma carreira no mundo da Moda.

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