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14 February 2013

The Bigger the Better

In a recent travel to South America I was suprised with their obsession with boobs and butts. It's not big news that Latinos are really into boobs and butts, you can see it in Jennifer Lopez (a Puerto Rican descendent) or Pitbull (a Cuban descendent) videos. I just didn't know they were so big, sorry I meant HUGE bOObs AND butts. Everywhere I went during my trip to Venezuela I could see women with these huge breast implants, that seem to be made on the closest butcher and not on an aesthetic surgery doctor. By coincidence I found out that a friend of mine had breast implants when she was in her 20's, she told me that all  of her friends had it. She also confided me that "some girls have breast implants by their 15th or 18th anniversary". I WAS SHOCKED ! Beside breast implants a lot of women had butt implants, even the manequinns on the shop windows had these huge butts. It's very interesting when travelling to a different country to understand the beauty stereotypes and  women's obsession with some beauty standards and how they influence the perception and the changes on their own body.
Shop manequinns with huge breasts. 
Shop manequinns with huge breasts. 
This is how they sell jeans...

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