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14 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Every year the same question: What do you wish to receive on Christmas? Here is the list, even if most of the items are just a dream, at least I can pretend that I still believe in Santa Claus, no?!
GLASSES -  I know this is a wishlist but glasses are a NEED, mine are broke, lenses are jumping out of the glasses structure. These are perfect! EPOS Minerva glasses. (Made in Italy, yes!)
CANDLE -Lately, I've been loving candles. Cire Trudon Candle, these company supplied candles to the court of Louis XIV and Versailles. Oui, c'est ├ža!
LIPSTICK - Because, sometimes no colour, it's a good colour. Mac Myth lipstick.
SIGNET RING - I love signet rings, they have something of aristocracy, no ?!
SHOES - Oh well, I could write an entire post about these shoes I'm in LOVE with them since they got out on the market. They are classic but with a twist. Valentino Rockstud Slingback
BOOKS - I need books in my mother language (Portuguese) I just can't stand to read English, Italian, Spanish and French before sleeping, it's too much for my brain. Mother if you read this please attend to my wish ! :) Olympia Le Tan Clutch
BEANIE - Beannies are never enough when living in Milan. This one is cute ! Eugenia Kim Felix Beanie
MINI BAG - I'm in love with mini bags, not that mini mini that you can't even put your phone inside, but a mini/medium bag it's fine. This one is beautiful, Monceau BB from Louis Vuitton, which  reworked mini versions of their classic bags.
CHAIN - I need a gold chain to put my good luck charms. Giles & Brother gold chain.
EARRINGS - This week I broke my wanna be Givenchy gold horn earrings, so this would the perfect commitement between the keen shark teeth and the grace of the pearls (after Isla Margarita I'm in love with pearls).
SLIPPERS - I need a pair of nice flat shoes, these daliesque slippers are nice. Barbara Briones
Tea - Tea in never enough, even if it's Marie Antoinette Tea by Laduree
Oops, I've missed the so long searched music box with ballerina that has been on my christmas wishlist since 2010
So be my guest and feel free to attend my wishlist ! MERRY CHRISTMAS

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