Jewellery designer by education, innate creative and fashionista for sake. Born in Portugal, jumped from Barcelona to Milan, and for now living and working in Copenhagen. Inspired by art, photography, beauty and gastronomy.

27 December 2012


I love to eat, specially international food. I love to try new tastes. As a child when travelling with my parents we we're always trying the restaurants with the best tasty food and they taught me that food makes part of the cultural heritage of a country. Food plays a big role in my life, I'm enjoying more and more to cook and try different food. This year I've had different food experiences, here are some of them.
 "Ali Baba", turkish tea with rose flavour VS photo from this year's travel to Barcelona.
 Cheese Crêpes VS Tobias Tovera
 "Cotton Candy", from Turkey VS wool. 
 Tomatoes and spinach pie(diy) VS "Hanging Heart" (Jeff Koons,2006) 
 Photo from this year's travel to Stockholm VS Sonia Delaunay painting.
Arepa peluda (traditional Venezuelan food) VS french macaron.

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