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11 December 2011


Fado is a traditional portuguese music genre, fado means fate/destiny which is a difficult feeling to translate,  connected with saudade a feeling of loss that became part of the portuguese people mood. Last month Fado entered Unesco's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Amália Rodrigues was the most famous fado singer which contributed to popularized fado worldwide, her incredible voice and music style became her signature. Fado is now being renewed by young singers but Amália will always remain as the biggest fado empress. Amália had her style signature which became connected with the fado (fate) itself, dark colours and traditional portuguese shawls.
Dark colours and big shawls.
Big earrings and big sunglasses were her style sugnature. Left side, Amália; right side, Marni Spring-Summer 2012.
Left side, Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2011.12; right side Amália and this season peter pan collars.

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