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14 June 2011

Brace(let) Me

I was knocked by the contemporarity of the photo below. A woman in leather jacket and arms full of bracelets on the 1920's ???? As always I couldn't stop my curiosity and went to to search for this woman who around the 1920's was looking like one of us nowadays.
The classy woman on the photo is Nancy Cunard, writer, political activist and muse to writers and artists between the 20's and 30's of the 20th Century. Some of the writers and artists of whom she was a muse were also her lovers like Ernest Hemingway or Man Ray, who represented her several times. A woman with an impressive sense of style, her style signature were the arms full of bracelets. Self-considered as an anarchist, a woman ahead of her time that would end up her days alone. 
Nancy Cunard (no date.)
Nancy Cunard in 1932 and in 1926 in a portrait by Man Ray.

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