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03 April 2011

BUG me

This week I was amazed by the news of some dress from 1880's that was restored. Nothing new has every year hundreds of old costumes are restored. My atonishment came when I red that this dress used by the actress Ellen Terry in 1888 performing Lady Macbeth, was  restored using 1.000 green iridiscent bug wings. Yes, BUG WINGS. The restoration of the dress took 5 years and was done thanks to donations of bug wings.
Despite the date of the dress 1880's, I find it contemporary, we could make a paralell with some of nowadays designers such as Alexander McQueen. 
 One of the insect pins I bought months ago to apply on t-shirts this Summer.

1 comment:

  1. Is this the Mcqueen dress pictured or the restored dress then?


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