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24 September 2010

South American Way

Next Summer we will be wearing bananas. Yes, bananas, and a bunch of fruits and things from south America is what Prada presented yesterday for Summer 2011. A collection full of references from the South America, from the icons to the colours used. I could not have in mind a better music to this collection has the " South America way" from Carmen Miranda.
Banana Chiquita must have been an inspiration.

"South American Way" from Carmen Miranda.

Banana Chiquita is on Fashion!


  1. Uau :D adoro tantas cores, parece-me divertido vestir assim!!

  2. Bananas Chiquita, fazem-me sempre recordar quando a tia Fátima, tb era imigrante e vinha de férias. Com ela vinham sempre alguns cachos destas bananas. :-)


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