Jewellery designer by education, innate creative and fashionista for sake. Born in Portugal, jumped from Barcelona to Milan, and for now living and working in Copenhagen. Inspired by art, photography, beauty and gastronomy.

12 June 2010


Gingham or Vichy is the right term to define the checked fabric. Gingham is often used by the Americans, the fabric was exported from England on the Victorian Age to the United States. And Vichy with hir history starting on the french city with the same name, famous for the production of the checked fabric which started on the 19th century.

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, a check dress already in 1939.
Katherine Hepburn in 1941.
Brigitte Bardot on her wedding with Jacques Charrier in 1959.

Brigitte Bardon on the film Voulez-Vous Danser Avec Moi in 1959.
Cristopher Kane Spring-Summer 2010.
Chanel Resort 2011.
On the streets.
Lancel is relaunching Bag BB - Bucket Bag or Brigitte Bardot Bag, the layout choosen was the check.

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