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01 March 2010

Milanese Fashion Week

My Milanese fashion week to describe you ??? Poor outside, rich inside that's it !
Due to my job I could not attend to the shows and events I wished but on the other hand I was working inside the bussiness, learning and getting experience.
Friday 26th I was working on the CNC Costume National show which had an after party featuring Fischerspooner. Despite my absence during most time of the party, the ambience was beautiful. The cube inside the party that made part of the fashion show, with it's projections on gave a special atmosphere, a kind of "aura" to the space.
Inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele there was an installation called " House of Shades" by the indian artist Sudarhan Shetty, the project was made in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. On the right Prada's shop window inside Galleria.
The city usualy dresses for the fashion week, here are two shop windows in La Rinascente, the Milanese department store.

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