Jewellery designer by education, innate creative and fashionista for sake. Born in Portugal, jumped from Barcelona to Milan, and for now living and working in Copenhagen. Inspired by art, photography, beauty and gastronomy.

05 January 2010

Christmas Holidays

My Christmas holidays were so good....Good moments around my family and the best food and fish ever. There was time to the country and the city, to sleep in castles, to take a walk on the beach, to grow my visual culture though the museums and to click an entire popular and kitsch culture that I miss so much here in Milan.
I don't know when I will be back, I hope soon.


  1. Margarida,
    também estive em Portugal e também tenho muitas saudades dessa cultura kitsch portuguesa! Comi também uma deliciosa 'french little thing'! ;)
    Que 2010 seja um ótimo ano para si!

  2. Nós também gostámos muito de te ter cá e também esperamos que voltes rapidamente.
    Eu amo você! :-)



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