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27 January 2010

Final Project_Royal Jewels

Has you may have read on my profile I'm graduated in Jewellery Design. My final project was my little baby, a project that it's all about me and my vision and concepts in contemporary jewellery.
Here is the description of the project:
The combined diversity and richness, in materials and shape of the amazing pieces of traditional Portuguese jewellery which fascinated and lured me to this particular theme, where the goal to blend the concept of kitsch and fake trough the use of less noble materials like acrylic and fabrics, causing an inverted paradigm of nobility and royalty.
"Trémulo", silver, lace, plexiglass, pearls. "Trémulo", silver, lace, plexiglass, pearls.
"Cake Ring", silver, textiles.
"Royal Necklace", embroidered quilted fabrics. "Royal Necklace II", silver, crochet.

The project was presented in the exhibition "Annual International Graduate Show 2008" in Marzee Gallery in Njmegen, Netherlands on August 2008.

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  1. Margarida sempre gostei muito dos teus trabalhos, mas sem dúvida que o projecto final foi um dos melhores! :) beijinhos!


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