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09 December 2009

Return to the Past

I've been going to a weekly market here in Milan next to my home. I must have some problem with it because I can't resist and I always find something amusing with a friendly price. One of my last buys is a precious 40's pill box hat with a velvet rosacea and bow netting on the back. Once I saw it I pick it and bought it, it's just so perfect!
Here are some photos of the hat.

Model : Me
Photographer and photo edition : Rui Pereira


  1. Bem...fiquei de boca aberta! És linda, mas com essa produção ficas fabulástica...:-) Quero uma cópia daquela que estás a olhar para cima, dás-me?!


  2. adorei o chapéu!!! esses achados também fazem da minha vida melhor!!! adoro encontrar algo que eu amo por um preço 'camarada'!
    as fotos também estão ótimas!!


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