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01 December 2009

Intellectualized Fashion

The New York Times just release a serie of films interviewing celebrities. Alber Elbaz, the artistic director of Lanvin talks about his early years in fashion and about the design process nowadays. Alber talks also how fashion is about individualism and about selling dreams. More important about how the process of creating clothes should be more intellectualized, like architecture or car design, like a true design process and not only about creating glamorous and sexy clothes. Has said by Victor Papanek, a designer from the 20th century “Design is the conscious and intuitive effort to impose meaningful order”.
Alber recalls that the process of creating clothes is completed and reaches full meaning when used on the body. And being used on the body they redefine the personal space.

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  1. Oii Margarida!
    eu também entro sempre por aqui, mas não sabia que era seu blog... (também não me lembro como cheguei até ele). Coincidência!!!!
    vou agora no Natal pro Porto, fico 10 dias e depois vou de vez em maio.
    E você, está em Milão né (facebook told me)?! muito legal!!!
    agora que sei que é seu passarei a deixar recados!


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