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14 September 2009


I have a kind of obsession with nail polish. And so I buy till find the perfect colour and that's why I got diferent tone of the the same colour.

And to complete my collection a friend of mine brought from Brazil more nail polishes.Thank you Renata! Brazilians are experts in making the nails, and the people that do it more times, usually once a week. Adoro manicure!

I'm missing a green, why not Jade from Chanel! (an item on my wish list)

As sugested from my boyfriend I should buy a mini fridge to put all of my nail polishes.

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  1. Amei este post. E ainda me fez ficar com mais saudades tuas :)
    Se te portares bem, dou-te o verde da chanel que tanto queres :p

    Beijos, Baci, Kisses

    ps-nao percebo pq é q isto assina como ana filipa...grrr, esquece o Ana :)


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